Lights and Atmosphere

Lights and Atmosphere

Yacht Mind don’t offer a vacancy only to the sea lover but also for those who don’t want to refuse to all the comfort and services of a “Grand Hotel”.

On our boats you will decide when is time to rest, to navigate, to eat and what you like the chef preperares for you; if get off for a trip of exploration or stand on board comfortably lying down the sun siping a frozen drink served by our staff.

Travel with us means to enjoy every single place doing a cultured, relaxing, dynamic, athletic tourism according to your own aspirations; means love for the sea and for the wind, for the journey and for the “loneliness” until the next stop, that is for a few hours or many days it makes no difference. It’s an intimate experience, the develop of a similar passion, but different from person to person because a sunset, a dawn, a gaze, a vision of rocky coast , a storm donate different sensations to similar person joined only by one common thing: living on board of Yacht Mind, the intelligent boat.  

The Yacht is also synonymous of freedom, leaving when you want, going to where the time and sea carry you, without any slavery of the clock, any commitments and especially out of the packed holiday and out of the confusion of the high season.

Who loves the sea, love it forever and ever. The wish of to be carried by the waves, breathing the smell of the sea is a deep spontaneous feeling that belog to the life of those who look for an alternative to the unusual existence on solid ground. A so deep concept is surely a source of great inspiration for those who want to liberate his creativity.

Yacht Mind will feel you at home even when you are far away from it.