Lighting of Yacht Mind

Lighting on board

“Life is light, our future is light and we have an indication for how to live.”

 Key word: amaze anyone who comes one board of Yacht Mind

The light is the dress of your accomplishment, the final touch of the work it is hidden between things and reveals their essence. Illuminating means stimulate, excite, show, complete, look; the light is the only instrument capable of directing without indicating, to change the effect without changing things. The lighting design was a task as complicated as it is fascinating; inadequate lighting can detract from a well furnished as well as good lighting can value one less sophisticated. Sensuality and passion at night and vitality during the day: this has been our goal to build Yacht Mind.

With the light all is possible, because the light is shape, colour, ideas and every setting has an own way to be lived.

Lights that play with spaces and emotions, framing Yacht Mind and giving it a unique choreographic effects.

Satisfied sense but satisfied technical features as well: easy installation and security on top. Our products are specific for nautical market with high standard of quality and they have an incredible resistance to corrosion.

Interior lighting

We realized innovative lighting systems, fighting against the custom and convention, giving space to creativity. We customized Yacht Mind with Led optical fibre technology that allow innumerable bright shades to preserve the vitality of every space that surround you.

Outdoors lighting 

Light is a force, which one cannot remain indifferent.

The automation system Yacht Mind sprang from the heart and professionalism of the technicians of the partner Home Automation Design Srl, to give vent to the concepts of light always fascinating and unique: electric signs, underwater lights, exterior lighting, led, optical fibre, halogen lights, everything artfully dosed for a result of great emotional impact.