Yacht of the future

Automation, comfort, design and luxury.

How will the Yachts of the near future? Design studio and designers continue to create prototypes that combine comfort and luxury to the attention to the environment, with engines and systems that ensure low fuel consumption.

Yacht Mind is perfectly in line with this view of the future, indeed we do not offer only traditional boats but intelligent boats.

The excellent and the reliability are not thing you can improvise, especially in a sector where the technology is a must.

It might seem contradictory to associate automation (Domotica) to a boat (after all what is a yacht if not a second home?), but even in a boat, especially aboard of the most luxurious, the integration of different functionalities turn out to be successful.

As result of the previous considerations in emerging market, these kinds of super technological Yachts where entertainment is managed with an integrated connection to the web are in high demand.