What does “charter domotico” mean?

With Yacht Mind the charter becomes “intelligent”. Our goal is to create a more original experience that is already magic, allowing privileged people to enjoy luxury comfort thanks to automation present on board. Living in an intelligent place means commodity and control: the yacht indeed “thinks”, interprets and realizes every desire of comfort.
The “domotica” represents a new way of dwelling and living at sea, the only one able to provide the necessities of a technologically developed society. In these circumstances, Yacht Mind responded with boats built and used as rentals, easy to sail and full of comforts to make life on board feel like home; but not just any home; a five-star luxury home ruled by intelligent home automation.
Aboard Yacht Mind lacks nothing that can ensure the ultimate in luxury, well-being and privacy, starting with the furnishings that, for their originality and sophistication, have nothing to envy to the best suite of a hotel. Also accessories such as air conditioning, sat TV systems, audio- video on demand; are all automated and managed by Yacht Mind, your hostess that leaves you the only task to enjoy the stunning views of the sea.
With the simple touch of a button you can give each place magic and charm: automatic lights, timed, dimming, LED RGB multicolour, delayed switch-off; you can listen to your favourite tracks in different environments and with a unique multi-room system. Invisible infrared captors and one remote allow you to change the volume and change the music source. The living room becomes a cinema! You can control by remote all audio-video devices.