Yacht Mind is the name of the first boat of Domonautica Srl www.domonautica.it

Yacht Mind is also the technological system name installed on board and the commercial brand for Domotica Design Srl’s nautical sector www.domoticadesign.it  

Domonautica is the union of the words “domotica” and “nautica”.

The company, set up by people with a mix of passion and knowledge, aims to carry a breath of the future in a field still anchored by tradition and hand-built logic, offering the best technological solutions available now in the nautical market. 

The project is developed for a selected and hard to please clientele. This has been the reason driving our achievement in building Yacht Mind with our automation system.

Yacht Mind guarantees quality, technology and full transparency to satisfy the most ambitious clientele with a mutual confidence relationship.

Visit Yacht Mind before buying your new Yacht!

Independent of the charter’s perspective debated previously, Yacht Mind has also another very important purpose. 

It provides the nautical field development and at the same time guides the customer in a new boat purchase. Staying on board of Yacht Mind, the customers can learn in detail a specific item/brand and gain more confidence with the yachting world.

Let yourself be tempted by the charm of Yacht Mind; an intelligent boat made for you, tying in the sea your next purchase!