Premise: The Domotica is associated to an abstract idea, hanging from reality and future, apparently far away from the daily necessity.

The lack of information about Domotica caused a distort vision of this technology.

In this confused vision Yacht Mind offers to the customers a tangible and concrete instrument that allow them to test and and appreciate all the immediate advantage resulted from the most moderns automation systems.

A real floating showroom available to our sponsor Domotica Design www.domoticadesign.it 

The boat Yacht Mind when is not used for the charter it is available on request, by appointment, and you will see what our automation system can offer.

You will project in a technological and refined environments, where every single furniture has built as a result of the synergy between design and automated mechanism;  as a magic trick you will see a Full HD 46’’ TV placed in the main deck appearing from the bottom of a piece of furniture; from the ceiling stern and from the main cabin will hang down a TV, from the perimetral frames will hang down the window curtains, skilfully hidden in the boat’s structure; doors will open automatically for allowing you having access to the lockers and to the hidden closet,

Electric awnings will cover you by the sun, bright scenic designs will allow you to create the atmospheres which you like the most along with the music and the video…For more detail click on charter domotico”. 

If you don’t like the minimal-modern style don’t worry about that because is also possible hide whatever electronic devices into a classic piece of furniture.

On board of our floating showroom Yacht Mindyou can also admire the best interior solutions chosen by our designer: selected paving materials, wall coverings, interior decorations, fabric of furniture, pieces of furniture, lamps; in short the 1:1 reproductions of  how they will be manufactured.

This journey on board of Yacht Mind, real floating dwelling, will became therefore the key for orienteering your choice; It will be a great opportunity for realizing your necessities, answering your questions, achieving your expectations, getting your ideal type of living-space through finding out what the Domotica can offer you nowadays, discovering what you can realize and how you can do it; especially you will verify our method of work and our services.

In brief Yacht Mind affords to:

  • Realizing and testing immediately the benefits of Yacht Mind automation system by Domotica Design
  • Verifying and experimenting the various possibilities of interaction with your own floating home (touch screen, TV control, whatever PC control, Mobile Phone control, via Internet control);
  • Understanding the main features of our automation system getting the basics that you need for bringing into focus your ideal living-space
  • Trying the simplicity and the immediacy in using our Yacht Mind system
Knowing our way of working and receiving our answers for whatever questions you have about the automation system and the interior design www.storiedinterni.it